Z (ldygrinningsoul) wrote,

Pen is Stuck

Max does a lot of talking. He says "pineapple," "chocolate," "dinosaur," "shoulders," and "please" (see "chocolate"). He also says "Hi Dada!" now - I think that's his only two word phrase at the moment. He still uses a lot of sign language of his own invention though, the most common of which is "stuck." It started with markers. The marker lids don't like to come off, and he'd pull on the lids and get frustrated until you came to help. Eventually, he stopped getting frustrated and just made the stuck face/hands to TELL you that the lid was stuck. Then it got applied to ALL things "stuck."

Here is Max telling you that the drill bit is "stuck:"

We also like to ride ponies. But not alone. You must also ride a pony. Here is Max riding his pony. Dada is riding a pony too, in an equally fetching hat, however that photo seems to have been disappeared....

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