Z (ldygrinningsoul) wrote,

Melmo Goes to the Potty

Max is really into the potty, although we have not done anything more to encourage this beyond buying a potty seat some months ago. I have put him on said potty exactly twice, and he has "gone" both times, so, perhaps I should be taking his interest more seriously.

Hold all my calls, I'll be in the potty for the next 3 months.

Seriously, he goes, but he doesn't want to LEAVE the potty. He goes, we say "yay" and clean everything up, and then he runs back to sit down again. We both know he's empty, but he'll do it for 15 minutes until I carry him out of there. I have both a potty, which is plain, and one of those seats that fits over a normal sized toilet to keep small people from falling in. The seat has Elmo on it. I hate Elmo, but Max knows him from school, and calls him "Melmo?" Max won't sit on the Melmo seat, but it has to be out so he can talk about all the things Melmo is doing on the seat (NOT going potty, but playing ball, on the beach etc...)

Boys are way harder than girls when it comes to the potty. Girls just have to be somewhere near the potty to have some chance of hitting it, and they can wear dresses. Boys must be situated just so to avoid hosing all creation, and they wear pants, though they would rather NOT wear pants, so, they are hard to undress and then completely impossible to REdress because they want to go naked for the rest of the day.

Ah well, off to the potty...
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