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It is too cold to play accordion in the park. My hands go numb if it's below 40 degrees :P

I got a second one so I could practice at home. This amounts to about 10 minutes of post-coffee/pre-baby hashing during the week, but it's better than nothing.

Today I managed to play some neat stuff on Gm and a slick downward run on the bass notes. This is complicated because the bass notes run in 5ths, okay? I'm very proud of myself.

It is too cold to go out, and the kids are going bananas. Umbra keeps trying to eat things she shouldn't outside. Max keeps asking to go potty so that he can go in there and stall and avoid wearing a diaper without doing anything and then fighting about getting back into a diaper. Shoprite stopped making diapers apparently and even name brand diapers suck by comparison. Pampers have "Melmo" on them, which gets them a hug, but not on his bottom.

I have been feeding myself a steady diet of gypsy music, and now I have it in my head constantly. I should have a sticker on my head that says "I'd rather be playing accordion." All day I think about that 10 minutes of hashing...

Caileen invited a boy over to watch movies. The conversation appears to have gone something like this:

"Do you want to come watch monster movies sometime?"


"But it's not a date, a date with you would be totally gross."

"What, I'm gross? Forget it then."

"We have Star Trek."

"Okay. I could wear a suit if you want. Because I clean up nice..."

This is the boy who told her that you couldn't draw cthulus because there is only one Cthulu, and the best Star Trek episode is the one with the monster that looks like a blanket and Christmas lights. What's scary is that Charles knows what episode he's talking about.
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