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Let's see...

There's a ton of snow here. It's pretty - I like looking at snow through a window, but I don't like slogging through it or having to bundle up every time I leave the house. In fact, I just don't like to be outside if it means being bundled or cold, and I'm really done with winter and I want it to be spring so I can get the heck out of the house already.

The furnace is still plugging along. We've found some additional leaking joints - yay! The plumber will have to give us an opinion on those too when he comes back to give a "real" quote rather than a general estimate.

I brought the accordion along to an un-gig at the Wicked Fest/Con whatever. It was a bit ambitious, because I've only been at it since January and hadn't been working on faire tunes at all, but I thought I'd give it a shot to see how far off I was. We ran into the GOOD violinist, and he played with us a bit, but I found that I could not actually hear myself all that well (which was surprising because the accordion is pretty loud) and when I get lost, I have a really hard time finding my place again on the fingerboard, because I don't look at my hand when I play so it's all relative to D. That bloody violinist is learning accordion too. Dammit, you know he's going to be great at that too. >:( He's a nice guy, but he's better at all my tricks than I am, I think I need to bump him off or something.

I'm getting better though. I can hold a little rhythm on my bass hand while playing melody now if the chord changes aren't too hard. Caileen just came and played drum for me for a little while I was practicing. I still can't play straight through much of anything without getting lost once or twice, but it's good exercise anyway.

We're going to see chinese acrobats tonight. My parents took me to see some acrobats once when I was a kid - they did weird tricks and contortionist stuff, but they also had a bunch of little skits with the monkey king and the crazy gongs that go with him, and those were really cool. I tried sending Caileen and Charles to see some chinese acrobats last spring, but it wound up being some weird Falun Gong weirdness. Oops.

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids over to my parents' place for Purim. I'm not sure what either of them are going as. I'm told the theme is "America" this year, but if there's one thing I don't have a lot of, it's "american gear." I have about 10 sombreros in my attic, but no cowboy hats. So, Max is probably going as a dragon. We'll just tell everyone he's from Kansas or something. Maybe Caileen can be an American Ninja Warrior?

I'm reading Josephus. The library has a bad copy - about 40 pages in, they skip to page 80, which is somewhere in Antiquities of the Jews. I looked at the card, and they've had that copy for about 20 years, hasn't anyone ever pointed it out to them?? I had been reading straight through, because I thought it might be interesting to see how Josephus's Greek translation differed from what I remember of the old testament, because he lived walking distance from Jerusalem a lot closer in time to the bible, and I know it's supposed to be copied exactly to preserve the numeric values, but sometimes it still seems like the worlds greatest game of telephone - not to mention all the "aside" stuff the rabbis have added over time. Anyway, it was interesting, but then I got bored somewhere around Joseph and skipped over to the Maccabees, which is what I wanted to read to begin with, having just read some of it in Suetonius.

When I'm done with this though I'm switching to Ukrainian history for a bit though. I had a slow day at work last week and spent it in wikipedia reading about the last kobzars and following links around to various bits of history that I really need to know better if I'm ever going to get that bandura going.

Max got his second haircut and looks very handsome.

Caileen had her undate with (her classmate) Max last weekend - it went well. They watched Shawn of the Dead and carefully kept the popcorn between them. He's really silly; I suspect Charles was a lot like him when he was 11. Apparently his dad is also into The Great Mazinger. What are the odds?
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