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Max can count to 7. He knows some of his letters. He can mysteriously match up his train puzzles, when the cards all look exactly alike except for the names of the trains. He is super cute in shorts.

Caileen will be 12 next Wednesday. Wow. We've been reading out the big book of perpetual immaturity (not the actual name of the book, but it's something like that) every night. Last night we tried making the 6 most ridiculous faces of all time and tested how weird our tongues were.

There are plants in the former pool area. YAY!

Everything is blooming up a storm. We saw 4 teeny tiny baby mantids on the roses by the door as we came in just now. I actually ordered lady bugs and mantids to gobble up the thripps on my roses, but apparently we have some native ones on the scene: excellent.

We went to the Ukrainian museum today, which I've wanted to do for months. I did the last of the Pimsleur audio course this morning...regrettably most of the vocabulary is business stuff, and there weren't enough conjugation drills, so, I'm going to repeat it. The museum was okay, but nothing had descriptions on the floor, and I don't think you should have to buy a catalogue when you're IN the museum, is this just me? I thought the point of the museum was to make things available?

The gift shop had a dictionary and some children's books though, so now I can try to read a bit. I need someone to practice with before I forget it all again.

The sousaphone is still in the shop, other things are making progress. The lemon tree flowered but did not conceive a lemon.
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