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12th Birthday Party. Check.

Movies are *so* expensive these days we probably could have taken them to a destination for about the same price, in retrospect. The girls unanimously voted to see the new Shrek. This was the first birthday party that really mixed the Rockaway crowd with the Bloomfield crowd, and it went pretty well. I hadn't met the Bloomfield girl before, but I'd run into her mother at back to school night. The mom struck me as kind of odd, so, I didn't really push to have the girl over, but in fact, although the mom IS odd (I don't think she's bad odd, maybe just nervous?) her daughter is very polite and articulate and has many interests. We had 5 girls and one boy (the NOT A DATE boy) and they all got along. Today is actually NOT A DATE boy's birthday, so, Caileen is over there now. His dad works for DC and his mom is into gardening - no wonder our kids get along. We'll have to hang out. That will totally ruin it for the kids, won't it? Maybe we can pretend to disapprove.

I hope Caileen isn't too out of sorts, I'm not sure the girls did any sleeping (the boy went home, obviously).

(Little) Max had a fantastic time. He LOVES Caileen's friends and they make a big deal out of him. Umbra had her Neuroto-Dog knob dialed up to 11 - BOTH are crashed out at the moment!

I'm tired, but it was actually a very nice weekend. I think I'm kind of deaf from driving the girls home though. Tween girls are SUPER loud in the car.

Completely forgot to take pictures. Oops.
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