Z (ldygrinningsoul) wrote,

Death by...?

Caileen and I spent Thursday night being massively ill. I am usually impervious to stomach woes, and ill on that scale tends to indicate food poisoning, so, we figured it was something we ate and Charles had somehow escaped despite eating the same thing. Friday evening, however, Charles came down with the same horrible bug, and we didn't eat ANY of the same foods Friday, so, apparently it was a bug...

Max now says "thank you" and "I love you" (the latter comes with a sort of open mouthed kiss/attempt at eating brains...)

I got some blue and white "ABC" block curtains for Max's room in the absence of readily available "bot" curtains. I haven't given up, but we needed a temporary solution because without curtains or a door, anyone passing through the hallway undressed flashes the neighbors/supermarket.
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