Z (ldygrinningsoul) wrote,

Pass the coffee please...

Charles is supposed to take a walk every day. Usually Max rides in the stroller for these walks because he has been at The Age of Running Away, meaning that if I say "stay by Mama" he runs toward the street. Yesterday, though, he happily walked in front of me and followed Dada for about half a mile before I put him in the seat just because we were going so incredibly slowly. He was really good though, and only deviated from the sidewalk to comment on interesting lawn ornaments (ducks, lions....)

As a result, he went to bed at 7pm and I actually got to watch movies(!)

Of course, he was up at 6:50 (taking my high heels out of the closet...I don't remember going to any Cramps shows while pregnant, but he really likes the 4 inch patent leathers...) and asking for the "Big!" book (I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean).

This morning we have sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star twice so far, and he actually mumbles the first line now along with the hand motions...you can definitely hear "star" in there.

Ah, coffee.
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