Z (ldygrinningsoul) wrote,

blue, blue, electric blue...

Caileen is now a blue belt!

She made an excellent cake - it was going to have blue frosting but we convinced her that BLUE mocha frosting would be kind of gross.

Survival of the Dead was a pretty good movie, although why does everyone who is from "somewhere else" (in every movie lately) speak with a Scottish accent?

I was going to start seeds this weekend, but since it's in the 20s, maybe we'll just have to wait on that...

Taxes are done. The worst part of taxes is usually just trying to get the damn program to run. I think TurboTax 2009 is LESS intuitive than 2008 was though, for the record.

I spent the hour I was fighting with/uninstalling/reinstalling the tax program playing clarinet, and once the reed warmed up, I could in fact play a low G from a stop, so maybe the reed just wasn't wet enough/broken in previously.

Max says three word combinations.
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