Z (ldygrinningsoul) wrote,

Life is a circus...

Every year, they put up a fair in the shopping center across the street. I can see it from my house, but there is actually a row of houses between it and me. The lights are bright, and the music is loud, and people scream on the rides - we've called the cops a few times to have them turn the music down, but otherwise it's been okay.

This year, they actually turned the music off at 10 during the week, and last night, although it was loud, it wasn't so bass thumping that one couldn't sleep. We were lying in bed, and Max had just gone to sleep, when we heard "pop! popopopopop!"

Charles said, "Firecrackers...or someone just got shot."

He was joking - firecrackers are very common over here, despite being illegal. However, about 3 minutes later, every cop and ambulance within a three town radius was over there. Apparently some random crazy guy shot into a crowd and the cops shot him. About 1500 people ran like hell, about 20 kids were in my neighbors' house, and lots of other kids jumped people's fences to get away.

We didn't know what happened, whether it was gang related (it wasn't) whether they'd caught the guy (they had) so people were pretty upset at people running/hiding in their yards. There was about an hour of absolute pandemonium while they cleared out the fair and the supermarket. Then they sent a squad of about 12 cops down my street checking under cars and fences to make sure there wasn't anything else to find.

Today, two different candidates for mayor have come around to assure us that the fair is being closed down and will not be allowed back.

Now, I agree that was a dumb place for it. It's a strip mall, and there isn't enough parking for it to be there, and it's right up against our houses, so, if something like that goes down, a gunman can run into the supermarket or shoot up our houses - there's no way to secure it or enforce any kind of crowd control, and anyway, it keeps us and the kids up with the lights and music every year.

On the other hand, only one person other than the gunman was hit - the police took him out very quickly and no one was hurt in clearing everything out, so, they did a good job. That kind of stupid stuff COULD happen anywhere - it didn't happen becuase it was at a supermarket or because kids came from Newark - it was just some random BS.

Charles got the first candidate, but I got the second one (the current mayor). I said "I was talking to my neighbors last night, and we wanted to know if there's any way to make sure that commercial property owners like the supermarket have to check with residents that are going to be impacted by events like this. It's the week of the ASK tests, and every year I call the cops to complain about the noise level."

He said, "well, usually with stuff like this the cops go door to door and let the residents know."

I said "I've lived here 5 years - no one's ever knocked on my door."

"Well, they probably only asked that side of the street" (the one immediately up against the lot).

Those neighbors were out last night too, but I'm going to go ask them if anyone's ever rung their bell. I think that guy is a drunk lying asshole. I've never missed an election, and to tell me such a DUMB line - I mean what, I'm not going to go ask my neighbors if anyone rang their bell?

Plus, if this was an office, and someone said "you were supposed to be notified" and you said you weren't notified, they'd call the team in charge of notifying you and ask what the fuck happened and tell you they'll fix it, particularly if they're trying to convince you they're the right person to lead, right? Like I'm going to vote for this asshat.
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