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SteamPunk World Faire:
Was pretty good. It's cool to see people try to be inventive anyway - it's been awhile since the goth scene has been into that. I didn't do much socializing or sightseeing, although I did succeed in bumping into 5 or 6 of the people I intended to bump into anyway.

Stage fright is a funny thing. I didn't have it until middleschool; then it came out of nowhere and was fairly crippling. I used to have it playing the violin - I don't seem to have that anymore. I've played trombone for 3 weeks - I'm terrible - but I had no problem doing that either, even when I hit the wrong note a few times and made my cohorts visibly laugh. I should note that being lousy at it doesn't actually damage our set, it's fine to go for it here. Accordion, I've been playing it almost daily for 5 months, and I'm pretty decent on my own, and still passable in company, but in a set Saturday I actually got sweats and non responsive hands, which seriously screwed the two songs I played. It's kind of fascinating in a way to be crippled by such weird things. Not that it will stop me from doing it, it's just kind of odd and annoying.

VERY busy week coming up.

Caileen's birthday party is on Saturday...I am bracing myself for 48 hours of being ringleader....

Charles took Max to the zoo, and he rode a horse. It was very very exciting, and he'd love to tell you all about it.
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