Z (ldygrinningsoul) wrote,

Music (some questions)

So, I need a project. I've never been in a band where I would listen to our CD. It's awful isn't it? It's not that the bands were awful, they just didn't have a lot to do with my aesthetic.

While I'd consider playing in a really good goth band:

a) there aren't (m)any good new ones
b) those that exist need great guitarists, and I am not a great guitarist and can't be bothered to be one.
c) I could play bass or keys...again, in the right band, I'd get decent at those.
d) I could sing, but that would require being the boss and driving the thing, and I'm not a ham and don't have the headspace for writing and booking gigs and playing psychologist.

I think I want to be in Oingo Boingo. Obviously, I can't REALLY be in Boingo, they're in LA and um, they don't exist (other than that...)

But, I mean I want a project that has the things that I love about Boingo, because I can listen to it for weeks at a time. What do I want?

a) the composition/arrangement rocks. The melodies are beautiful, they're complex, they build, lots of counterpoint. Weird scales are go.
b) the singer rocks. This is very important to me. Maybe it's stupid, but I have to have a front man who can sell it to me. This has always been true as a consumer of music...I've been more forgiving of it in bands I'm actually in, but it's probably the #1 reason I wouldn't play our CDs. No presence. Adequate pitch. I need someone who believes it while they're saying it.
c) dark wit. They're funny, they're crazy, the lyrics are great: but they aren't stupid. There are only a few bands that can be Devo and not be complete losers. I don't have to wear black on stage, but this has not been a costume all these years, goth or otherwise, I'm a creepy antisocial weirdo.
d) horns/weird instruments. I can now play a stupid number of instruments badly. I play them all badly because I can't possibly practice them all enough to get great, but I learn them enough for proof of concept. If I found a great band that needed a trombone, I could learn the part. If I found a great band that wanted a cello, I could do it. If I found a great band that wanted an accordion, I could do that. Sousaphone, I'm working on. It's not that I'm so great, but once I establish the curve, the real problem isn't getting good enough, it's finding something to play.

Question 1: So, all this said, where the hell do I find a project guys?

I've responded to about a dozen Craigslist ads and been on half a dozen meetups, and I haven't found something I'm passionate about.

Question 2: I've seen at least one starting band that has kind of forgettable composition but are very open minded. Should I be willing to arrange all of their music for them so it doesn't suck, or should I keep walking until i meet someone who already has something I want?
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